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Our deep scan will provide help immediately. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Christensen August 9, If so, you may need to terminate your browser session. Screenshot of scam popup: Your system is infected with 3 viruses! Personal and banking information are at risk. August 9th, by Brett M. Share this: Brett M. Related Articles. December 20, October 21, April 1, March 31, April 19, October 3, October 29, Leave a comment Cancel reply.

It slowed the machine down terribly and served no useful purpose. When you go to the Apple site, click on the Mac tab and on the left hand side, about halfway down, you will see the. Mac login area. After you log in, do not click on the Mail icons. Check out the rest of the page and all the things that are available to you. Tutorials, Free software, ideas, etc. Mac and AV. You can access your own iDisk by going to the Finder menu bar and choosing the Go menu.

The “Mac Can’t Get Virus” Myth: You’re Still At Risk – The FixMeStick Blog

It will mount on the desktop like any other disk and contains some free software for you. You can do a bunch of things with it. Did you find it already? Here it is. It would seem to indicate that virus protection was on the web mail server. Thanks for the link P. If you're looking for suggestions as to what to do with the PC, you could do a lot worse than to install Ubuntu Linux on it. I suggest version 6.

It's free, pretty user-friendly, not unlike Mac OS X to use, very secure, has a very good range of free software, and good free support from the forums, particularly at http: It's rather nice to have a spare computer when things go wrong. If you're worried about security on the Mac, read the article at http: If you have hardware problems, Linux can't fix them.

2) Update Apps and Mac OS X Software Regularly

As long as your Mac is not running WIndows, your safe. Infected MP3 files will not harm your mac at all. The malicious code was will not execute on the Mac. Does not speak the same language.

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Your Mac Is Safe. The other answers covers this well.. The computer is not in and of itself damaged by a computer virus but the OS and possibly other files are so wiping it clears that issue though everything will be gone from the drive. It will be a usable though a,ugh, Windows machine. Yes Ubuntu is an other possibility but it seems from what I am reading through the lines, is that you are not a geek and would possibly find running Ubuntu a bit over your head in terms of getting and installing needed drivers and so forth. Just wipe and reinstall and the old PC will work.

Another alternative is that this is a good time to increase the size of the old PCs drive.. Just get a new drive and smash the old one with a hammer It won't hurt to give it a try, to see how the other third lives And yes, you'll be impervious to any Windows viruses on Linux. Another alternative is that this is a good time to increase the size of the old PCs drive. Bitsubeats, Linux seems to trail a reputation for fearsomeness which I think is a bit outdated.

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No-one is less of a geek than I am, my ignorance is invincible, but I found getting Ubuntu up and running easier than than getting my Mac mini working. Drivers for most common hardware are included in Ubuntu, but I had to go and fetch one from the Epson site for the Mac. Trying Ubuntu will cost no more than the price of a blank CD. You download it and burn a live CD, which can be used over an existing OS without overwriting it, if you want to try before installing it. You get Mac-like reliability and security, the most useful software items come packaged with it, and there are hundreds of free applications readily available, some of which are actually worthwhile.

If you go back to Windows, well, you already know what to expect.

Basic Mac Computer Maintenance, Cleaning, Removal of Malware, Spyware, Virus

If you really must have a Windows box because of some particular application you want to run, dual booting is not really hard either - just got to the Ubuntu forums , there are how-to's in abundance. Getting a bigger HD might be a good idea, if the rest of the PC is worth keeping.


It took me about 10 hours no kidding. Everything is running smoothly and I appreciate all the words of encouragement from everyone to the person that said I should reinstall windows on my pc, I did that before and it didn't work.

I should give it another go though just in case, but I won't get my hopes up. It really wouldn't piss me off if there was nothing to fix it, bc it's been infected for about 3 years now. The only thing I used it for was for playing mp3's on winamp and nothing else. In reference to transferring your MP3 files to a Mac the advice you're getting that it's safe is sound, but as far as your Windows PC goes the only post worth reading is the one by NeilFiertel.

I'm assuming you know how to transfer them, on a USB stick if need be. Take his advice and you'll now have two working computers! You'll also have to redo the Windows updates. No need to smash the drive!

8 Simple Tips to Secure a Mac from Malware, Viruses, & Trojans

Some time in the future you may even want to network the two computers. Don't trash the PC! DBAN writes random data 0's and 1's that will overwrite the whole disk multiple times. You can then wipe the hard drive clean with multiple passes. The only thing wrong with it is that it has code written on it that is malicious. It will be like a new drive again! The only way you can get a virus on your hardware components is if it somehow infects the firmware chip for your hardware or CMOS chip for your bios, which I would highly doubt.

After that, reinstall Windows and it will be just like new. It will also run optimal too. Get updates immediately, then get AVG anti Virus Free version and protect yourself with a good firewall not windows firewall and maybe some adware and spyware programs. Never have all your important files and settings without backup on a computer that can be easily compromised please! I can barely access anything on my pc.

I can only open up photos on a desktop folder and mp3's that are in a desktop folder. Most of the suggestions I get from people is to install virus software or download applications online that will help me, but there is no way I can do this if I can't get online.

I think now that I have a mac I will never go back to a pc if all stays well. Simply reinstalling windows over the corrupted windows system will not fix the problem. The virus needs to be written over and over and over and over. You need DBAN its FREE, google it to write random data over the disk multiple times, essentially writing over the whole disk so that previously available data will not be able to be read.

The government wipes their disks a certain amount of times so that data can NEVER be read again by anyone. That is what you need to do with your drive. This is the only way you will remove and correct your system! As for scanning it with viruses, of course you cant use it on the computer because its corrupt. Pull out the drive from the corrupt computer, place it in an external HD with a USB connection , plug it into another computer that is virus free and has good Anti-virus, and your corrupt drive will show up as an external mass storage drive.

You will not be able to run windows on the external but you will not need to. All the files will show up on that drive and you can then scan them all from another computer. If you claim that you still have a virus after that, you either didnt do it right, or your hardware is malfunctioning its not a virus problem.

OH YEAH, make sure you have a valid copy of Windows on original legitimate CD and not a rip off copy because someone could have corrupted the original file of windows if you downloaded it from a bit torrent.

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