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I can confirm that it works with the nvram command. However, some Macs have have other boot-args set already, which would get overwritten this way. And in my case, this also led to the Mac losing its boot disk setting, so it would boot into the Recovery system. Uh, correction on my last comment: And the last comment pointed out in the article above explains that as well, as I realize now.

What Is an External CD/DVD Drive?

Hi Stanislav. Did you copy the file out of the original location, to somewhere like the Desktop, first to edit it? Thank you, thank you.

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Your tip solved it for me. The only thing I would add is the necessity to turn off SIP system integrity protection , otherwise one cannot modify the system file. However, I do wonder how people less technically inclined would manage. Did not work for me. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The file path is: Thanks to the Luz from the blog you can once again be illuminated… Apparently, Apple engineers had the need to test the Superdrive with non-MacBook Air computers themselves, so the driver already has an option built-in to work on officially unsupported machines! All you need to do is enable that option, as follows: There is also a simpler method which consists of just typing in a terminal: You may also like. Thanks for the help!

How to Survive Without a DVD Drive In Your Laptop

Hi Isabeau The region encoding is set at a firmware level on the physical dvd device. It does not let me edit the file…. MBP Early 13 inch. Any other thoughts or suggestions? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. With an external DVD drive, you can always read, copy, or write burn an optical disc. And with its small size and light weight, it can be used anywhere and anytime. The hub will multiply the number of your USB ports. And if you like the USB flash drives but need more storage space, then you will find it useful to look through our external hard drives review with their hundreds of Gigabytes of data right there in your pocket.

There are three types of discs that are the most popular: By ways of using different technologies, these types of discs differ in the amount of data they can store.

Top 10 Best External DVD Burner/Drive Review

If it's just a small video or a few hundreds of photos, then a DVD drive is more than enough for you. These discs are very popular and widespread. And for high-quality and high-resolution video, backup copies of your operation system, or data storage Blu-ray discs will be more suitable. Large storage space of such discs will handle these tasks best. It stands to reason that different types of discs require different drive types with different technologies. But such drive will not read a Blu-ray disc. Choose a Blu-ray supporting drive, and any of the types we mentioned above will be accessible to you.

Manufacturers usually indicate it by numbers with an "x" letter. The "1x" speed of a DVD disc means 1. A 6x Blu-ray will burn a standard disc in 15 minutes. June 28, Leave a comment as or Logout.

Convert Your Mac DVD Drive into USB drive with OWC SuperSlim

In this case, external drives come to help us. Read more Read less. BEST Best Pick.

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Check Price on Amazon. Reading Speed. Writing Speed. Buffer Memory. Reasonable Price. The device supports the M-Disk format, so you can store your data as long as you need. Sometimes you may need to press the button more than once to open the tray. It can be set either horizontally or vertically, so you will have no problem with placing it regardless of the space you have. You might need to sometimes wipe the shimmering surface.

Top Three Picks

And its stylish diamond-cut design won't let you just pass by. DVD - 4x to 8x CD - 10x to 24x. DVD - 5x to 8x CD - 16x to 24x. You will not be worrying about the connection cord, as the cord in this USB external CD drive is an integral part of the body. The housing is made of aluminum and is scratch-resistant. This Mac external CD drive is only supported by the Apple devices. DVD - 6x to 8x CD - 16x to 24x. An external DVD drive in a traditional Apple style, square with straight lines and rounded corners The housing is aluminum Placed horizontally No disc tray, it is a slot-loading drive.

Dell DW Height Dell DW What customers say about this product. Key Specs. Average speed tested on a Dell Inspiron i5 2. Burns DVDs quickly and accurately. Great purchase. The Speed Adjustment technology provides automatic correction of the read speed depending on the content type. In addition, the Tilt Actuator Compensation technology allows you to write your data even on a slightly deformed media the technology adjusts the correct position of the lens to get a stable burning on the entire surface.

Buffer Memory Dell DW Best rip speed I saw was just over 20x - although the average including compression time was between 6 and 7 x. Power consumption seems modest.

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Unit seems solid and well built. Just plug it in and use it. I have used it both to write and read CDs on my laptop which does not have its own built in CD drive and each time it has done so as expected. Weight Dell DW It has decent speeds and is a bit noisy but does the job.

True plug and play for both Windows and Mac OS. Works great. Computer recognized it instantly without a driver. The USB 2. The reading speed also varies, from 5x to 8x.

How To Get An External DVD Drive To Work With a Mac Laptop

Such speed is high enough to copy all the necessary data, or write them on the disc with next to no effort, in mere 8 minutes. And the same operations for a CD disc take place at the speed of 24x, so the time needed to perform them will be around 4 minutes. At the same time, the possibility of damaging a disc in the process is equal to zero, as the buffer memory here is 1 MB. The average access time to a DVD disc is ms.

usb dvd writer for mac Usb dvd writer for mac
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usb dvd writer for mac Usb dvd writer for mac
usb dvd writer for mac Usb dvd writer for mac
usb dvd writer for mac Usb dvd writer for mac
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usb dvd writer for mac Usb dvd writer for mac
usb dvd writer for mac Usb dvd writer for mac

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