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Open Menu Close Menu Apple. Meet your Mac We'll show you how to set up your Mac and get the most use from its powerful, friendly features. Set up your new Mac These simple steps will get you started. Get your Mac up and running.

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Switching from Windows? Get tips for Windows switchers. Transfer your files. Find your way around with gestures and shortcuts. Navigate with gestures Make your Mac do amazing things with a swipe, a tap, and a click. Use multi-touch gestures.

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  • Chapter 3. Learning Mac OS X Basics!

Use keyboard shortcuts Sometimes a quick press of the keys is faster than pointing and clicking. Learn handy shortcuts. Personalize your display Quickly start a screen saver or put your display to sleep with hot corner shortcuts. Set up screen saver. Create wonderful work with your Mac Productivity is fun, easy, and collaborative with these powerful apps that come built into your Mac.

Chapter 3. Learning Mac OS X Basics

Pages for beautiful documents Get Pages support. Get Numbers support. Get Keynote support. So once again thanks for holding my hand as I learn to walk with my new best friend. Really glad the guide helped. If you can think of any areas we missed, anything you've been wondering about, or ways we can make it better then please do let us know: I'm trying to learn to use a Mac from a much longer PC use record.

In fact, when I went college, they still taught how to enter data on a card punch. The first PC I recall using extensively was an Osborne. BTW, it still works LoL! So yes, though I have a current iPhone and iPad, Mac is not quite the same logic of operation.

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Thank you so much! I switched to a Mac based on my families want. I have yet to like it. I should qualify that I am a pre-windows computer user and was tech savy. If the family runs away to Tahiti without me these machines are going to learn to fly from my 2nd floor window. Then I will be happy. What sort of operations are taking longer, out of interest?

And do you have a trackpad either in MacBook form, or Magic Trackpad? And then apps like Better Touch Tool can also speed up workflow considerably. Do you use Mission Control and multiple desktops? Do you search for everything using Spotlight? I'm struggling to see how macOS is less efficient than Windows, it's one of the biggest improvements I encountered when I switched platforms 5 years ago now.

Just last week I was forced to switch to a Mac. I basically could operate in Windows without a mouse It was faster. I aspire to get there on my mac but know it will take time. I just purchased an iMac after using windows for 40 years. I don't like win 8 and needed to replace my desktop so I made the " big jump" into Mac.

MacBook Basics. Getting started on a Mac computer

So far I'm very happy with my choice. I mainly use it for photography related programs so I'm confident I made the right decision. You used windows for 4o years??? I think you know that the windows of your condo dont count here. I am by no means anybody's "fanboy" but intend to purch an iMac sooner than later,cause as the fanboys say it just works!

I'm no programmer.

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I have read so many comments like this in the last few years, though I imagine the numbers of Mac OS X users are still low, it happens a lot. It happened to me. Glad our guides helped you out, I wrote one of them myself a few years ago: I downloaded Google Chrome and use it instead of Safari, as that's what I was used to. The following sentence is incorrect: Click the file once to select it, then press the Return key and type a new name. Press Return when done. Click the file once to select it, then press Space bar.

Meet your Mac

Looking for the Control Panel? Use System Preferences instead. Learn more keys and keyboard shortcuts. Fn-Delete or. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.

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apple pc to mac basics Apple pc to mac basics
apple pc to mac basics Apple pc to mac basics
apple pc to mac basics Apple pc to mac basics
apple pc to mac basics Apple pc to mac basics
apple pc to mac basics Apple pc to mac basics

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