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Starting with v8. Customers currently running our product on There are no plans to make v7. Home Edition users currently running v7. Please watch this space for further announcements as the launch of Mountain Lion gets closer Will the 7.

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Even though I just have one question regarding what actions to take regarding mountian lion. I am running version 8. Also, should I uninstall sophos prior to upgrading to mountain lion and then re-installing or can I jsut upgrade to mountain lion once I get version 8. Sophos minor point releases always auto-update as soon as they are available.

Those currently using 7. We fully expect this new version to be available in time for the release of Mountain Lion I am currently using Sophos V 7. I understand that there will shortly be an automatic and unavoidable upgrade of all Version 7 installations to Version 8. I am also currently using Sophos V 8. Other functionality doesn't seem to be affected but I find the "state" feedback provided by that icon to be useful and would not want to lose it on my SL or Lion boot partitions.

However, after I ran "Update Now" as a test, a full download i. The only difference I could see between the two installations in About Sophos Anti-Virus was that the threat detection engine before the full update was, if I remember correctly, 3. For what it's worth, I am seeing the same behavior. I have submitted a bug to Apple on this behabior but it isn't obbious that it is a Mountain Lion issue.

Same here. Shield disappears with the GM build of The release notes for 8. Thanks very much for reporting this issue. We had experienced a very similar issue with the previous developer releases of Mountain Lion that we fixed in 8. Unfortunately Apple have changed something at the last minute with the GM build that has caused either a recurrence of the problem, or another problem with very similar symptoms.

We are investigating this as a high priority and still hope to have a fully functional version of the product ready when Mountain Lion is released. In the meantime, this issue only impacts visible notifications and we are confident that the protection, including on-access scanning, is not compromised. On the other hand, the Sophos v 8.

It was only after Sophos reinstalled itself from what was a large enough download to have been a complete installer not just a virus signature update , that the problem returned, even though the version number didn't change. Thanks VERY much for the info BUT, Since I've been auto-updated to ver. Will it automatically become bit streams when I upgrade to Mountain Lion next week?? Mountain Lion, although it only supports processors capable of running bit code, will still support Apps built as bit binaries. Like many products from many different vendors, we have not had a compelling reason to switch to bit binaries yet, other than for the core kernel components.

A change of this magnitude is not to be undertaken lightly, and our preference right now is to put effort into feature development and overall usability. Before updating your Mac to Mountain Lion, please ensure that Sophos Anti-virus is running at least version 8. The final Gold Master of Mountain Lion introduced an issue with version 8. This problem is addressed in version 8. Since writing this original note we have also had to change our plans with regard to the installer. Please see the FAQ for more details on how to check when your installation s of Sophos will stop updating.

So long as the updating credentials are current, Sophos Anti-Virus is configured to automatically download and install updates to keep your defences against viruses, trojans and worms as up-to-date as possible. On networked computers, this occurs once an hour. To find out when the program last updated itself, click on the shield on the menu bar and select [Show AutoUpdate Window]. You can also update Sophos manually at any time by clicking on the shield on the menu bar and choosing [Update Now].

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You will see a window showing the progress of the update. The progress window is not displayed when Sophos updates automatically. If either the automatic hourly update or the manual update fails for any reason the shield on the menu bar will have a cross in the middle of it.

Your computer does need to be connected to the Internet in order to download updates so if you see this icon when you are not connected this is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

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When you reconnect to the Internet it may take up to an hour before Sophos tries to update again and the shield returns to normal. If you encounter any problems there is a Frequently Asked Questions FAQ web page with answers to some of the most common issues that people encounter. We provide some outline information on configuring Sophos options and scans in the next section and Sophos provide full documentation in their Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X documentation.

The OS X client is configured with on-access scanning enabled.

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Sophos Antivirus for Mac and OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion"

This means that when you open a file on your computer Sophos will first check whether it contains malware before it allows the file to be opened. Sophos Anti-Virus on-access settings are configured as follows. In this section we provide details on how to change these settings, and on the most common options that you might want to change.

To access the settings click on the shield in the menu bar and select [Open Sophos Anti-Virus Preferences In the preferences window click on On-access Scanning. Before you can make any changes to the configuration the padlock in the bottom left of the screen needs to be open.

If it isn't, click on the padlock and enter your password when prompted. Near the top of the page you will be able to see whether On-access scanning is enabled, and you have the option to turn it off using the Stop Scanning button not recommended.

On-access scanning is enabled by default in the Sophos client and you should normally leave it running. Next on the page are a couple of options that can be changed that affect which files Sophos checks for malware. These are the options to scan [Inside archives and compressed files] and [Files on network volumes]. Enabling these options will mean that Sophos checks more files for malware, but may slow down the checking. By default disinfection is enabled and access to infected files is denied and the files moved to a standard location if this fails.

This gives you the chance to inspect any infected files, attempt to disinfect them, and if that fails to try and recover data from them before deleting them from your system. If you prefer to delete any infected files immediately then choose the Delete infected files option but we would recommend that you don't configure on-access scanning this way as occasionally it could lead to legitimate files being deleted by accident.

Occasionally you may need to check that you are using the correct set of credentials. The FAQ page explains how to check whether you are using an up to date set of credentials. Click on Logging to view or change the log settings and on Messaging to control the way that Sophos alerts you about malware. Normally you should not need to alter any of these settings.

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If you want to view the log file you can do this from the Logging window by clicking on View Log The on-access scanning gives you constant protection against viruses and other malware that might be contained in any files on your computer. In addition you can perform on-demand scans of all or part of your hard disk. As with on-access scanning you can also configure options that control the way that on-demand scans work. You can also open Sophos Anti-Virus from the Applications folder. The main Sophos Anti-Virus window will appear as show. Once the Sophos program opens you can start a scan immediately by clicking on Scan Now.

To configure the options for the scan, select [Preferences When the preferences window opens, if necessary click on On-demand Scanning to view the options for on-demand scans. The default options for on-demand scans are shown below. By default cleanup isn't enabled so you may want to change this setting, for example to [Clean up infected files]. If you choose this setting, a further setting will appear allowing you to choose what to do if cleanup fails. We generally don't recommend setting either of the settings When a threat is found and If cleanup fails to Delete infected files as on rare occasions Sophos may delete a legitimate file.

It is better to simply move the files which would allow you to retrieve them later if necessary.

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You can also set up a custom scan such as a scan that will check part of your hard disk. To do this return the first Sophos Anti-Virus window and if necessary click on the arrow next to Custom Scans to expand the window. Click on the plus at the bottom left of the screen to create a new scan. You can set similar options as for the standard scan, as well as selecting what part of the Mac to scan.

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Skip to main content. Installing and Updating Sophos 1. If you haven't already obtained Sophos you can download it via the following link: Installing the Sophos Software The file you download from our website which will be named something like sophos8osx Keeping Sophos Anti-Virus up to date Sophos Anti-Virus uses a username and password to automatically download updates. You should see a window showing the last date and time that Sophos was updated. Further Information If you encounter any problems there is a Frequently Asked Questions FAQ web page with answers to some of the most common issues that people encounter.

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