Index in word 2008 mac

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies A few simple steps can help you create an easy-to-navigate document

Left column: Put all the words from your document that should be marked for indexing into the left column, one word or phrase per cell. Right column: Enter the appropriate document index heading corresponding to each word in the left column. Nothing else can be in the concordance file except your two-column table.

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After you save your concordance file, you can use it to create an index from a long document. Follow these steps to use a concordance file:. Same problem.

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Create or edit an index

Sign me up! Blog at WordPress. Share this: Like this: Like Loading I suggest you close Word, shut down you computer, restart, reopen Word and see if it shows then. Super explanation! If this is not possible, as with logos containing stylized text, make sure to provide alternative text for the image following the techniques noted above. By taking the time to design your content in a consistent way, it will be easier to access, navigate and interpret for all users:.

Beginning page numbers anywhere after the first page

Hyperlinks are more effective navigation aids when the user understands the likely result of following the link. Otherwise, users may have to use trial-and-error to find what they need. To help the user understand the result of selecting a hyperlink, ensure that the link makes sense when read in the context of the text around it. At this time, Word for Mac does not offer a mechanism to check for potential accessibility errors in your document prior to publishing. January 26th, ].

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Before saving in other formats, you may want to run the Compatibility Report feature by selecting Compatibility Report… from the Save As dialog. This checks the compatibility of your existing document with the format you have selected save your document as. The results of this check are revealed in the Compatibility Report dialog, where you have explanations of errors and options to fix them. To run this check at any time, go to menu item: While Word for Mac does allow you to save documents in the PDF format, at this time it does not offer an explicit option to save your document in the tagged PDF format.

This list is provided for information purposes only. It is not exhaustive and inclusion of an application or plug-in on the list does not constitute a recommendation or guarantee of results by the IDRC. If you are interested in what features are provided to make using Word for Mac more accessible to users, documentation is provided in the Help system:. Quick Reference Usage Notes Technique 1. Use Accessible Templates Technique 2.

Create Index Cards in MS Word

Specify Document Language Technique 3. Use Headings Technique 6. Use Named Styles Technique 7. Create Accessible Charts Technique 9. Make Content Easier to See Technique Make Content Easier to Understand Technique Check Accessibility Technique This guide is intended to be used for documents that are: Intended to be used by people i.

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Below are the mouse-only terms and their keyboard alternatives: Disclaimer and Testing Details Following these techniques will increase the accessibility of your documents, but it does not guarantee accessibility to any specific disability groups. Technique 1. Use Accessible Templates All office documents start with a template, which can be as simple as a blank standard-sized page or as complex as a nearly complete document with text, graphics and other content. To create an accessible template Create a new document from the default blank template or from one of the prepackaged templates Ensure that you follow the techniques in this document When you are finished you should also check the accessibility of the document See Technique 10, below Go to menu item: Using a descriptive File name e.

How to Create an Index in Word

Go to menu item: If you have chosen an accessible template, the document will be accessible at this point. As you add your content e. Technique 2. Specify Document Language In order for assistive technologies e. To change the default language Go to menu item: Provide Text Alternatives for Images and Graphical Objects At this time, Word for Mac does not offer a mechanism which enables the user to add alternative text descriptions to images or objects. Tips for writing alternative text Try to answer the question "what information is the image conveying?

index in word 2008 mac Index in word 2008 mac
index in word 2008 mac Index in word 2008 mac
index in word 2008 mac Index in word 2008 mac
index in word 2008 mac Index in word 2008 mac
index in word 2008 mac Index in word 2008 mac
index in word 2008 mac Index in word 2008 mac

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